kristen + eve

kristen von minden (dartmouth ‘02 / gsd ‘09) and eve trester-wilson (ut austin ‘03 / ‘04) are two friends trained as architects with a passion for making–but we’re also fierce knitters, furniture fanatics, card makers, DIY enthusiasts, craft lovers, etsy shoppers, apartment therapy blog subscribers, artists, potters, welders, metal sculptors, graphics geeks, calligraphers, independent inventors and avid tinkerers with an interest in community and supporting local business. we are inspired by a few homegrown austin joints like slugfest printshop, clayworks studio/gallery, blue genie art industries, and our friend evan’s weekly shop night.


we wanted a place to pursue our diverse interests and activities independently and to help others do the same–and that’s how we dreamed up MakeATX, a workshop where creative types can make things happen.  MakeATX is a membership-based workshop where austinites can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively.  the workshop currently houses two powerful and versatile lasers cutter capable of cutting, etching, and engraving a wide variety of materials up to 36″ x 24″, brand new computers with the latest design software and ample work space to help you on your way to finishing that creative school, work or do-it-yourself project you’ve been kicking around.


as designers, we aspire to craft beautiful, unique, playful, and environmentally responsible objects and spaces, and we look forward to continuing our work in austin, texas, a city that welcomes and fosters creativity and independence.  as owners and operators of MakeATX, we hope to provide a thriving and compelling community space: hosting workshops, events and collaborative design projects. it is a place where a diverse group of thinkers and doers can come together to inspire one another.



nathaniel is a graphic designer in austin and mentally descends from the early bauhaus era. when he is not meticulously kerning letters he works on projects ranging from product design to vector illustration to web design. he lives in the gap between the digital world and the world of raw, unprocessed materials. he might seem kinda quiet, but he is always up for a conversation or quick to answer any questions.