MAKEatx is a workshop where members can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively. the workshop has a powerful and versatile laser cutter, brand new computers with the latest design software, and ample workspace along with classes designed to help austinites MAKE stuff. it will expand to include a variety of high and low-tech shop equipment. we're now open -- stop by to see the workshop and our products!

laser cutting

the 24" x 36" bed epilog laser cutter at MAKEatx has a wide variety of applications. it can be used for designing, prototyping, production and learning about the process of making. it can cut and engrave wood and plywood, paper, acrylic, fabric and leather and can engrave coated metals, glass, ceramics and stone. objects produced with the machine range from engraved bottles & glasses to jewelry to home decor to art and inventions of all kinds.

kristen + eve

kristen and eve are two friends trained as architects with a passion for making and an interest in community-building. as owners and operators of MAKEatx, kristen and eve hope to provide a thriving and compelling community space, hosting workshops, events, collaborative design projects and a regular artist-in-residence program. it will be a place where a diverse group of thinkers and doers can come together to inspire one another and to MAKE things happen!

folks are talking

'I will be a supporter in anyway I can! I think what you are doing is AWESOME! Love the idea!'

--one of many enthusiatic participants in our recent survey